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KRS58 KARO X-Modulation for KORG KRONOS ©

It was in 1981 a Japanese instrument builder introduced their first commercial polyphonic FM synthesizers, introducing multi-operator equation generators to contemporary music.

Unfortunately, these machines were pure preset instruments, capable of playing only such voices which were supplied on little magnetic memory sticks. The amazing sound and the great musical action of them, however, made them highly esteemed by many megastars of modern music. Meanwhile they are legendary.

In this KARO library, we introduce 128 newly designed programs which are based on the single and unique two times four operators based FM algorithm used in these instruments.

X-Modulation presents warm and realistic strings, choirs, brass and woodwind instruments, which are complemented with electronic and acoustic piano emulations, percussive sounds like bells and vibraphone and, last but not least, synthesizer and SFX sounds.

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