Pro Solosynth

EXs62 KARO Pro Solosynth for KORG KRONOS & NAUTILUS ©

In 1972, a today no longer existing famous synthesizer producer released a light, portable, easy-to-use performance instrument that could be placed on top of an electric piano or console organ.

This instrument had no patch panels or cables but a set of toggle switches allowed the performer to quickly choose one of 30 preset monophonic patches that were not modifiable.

Although not editable, the sounds provided, however, voice expression, adding "growl", "wow", "brilliance", portamento, pitch bend, and/or vibrato to the timbre. KARO now provides a sketch of this classic synth with their
KARO Pro Solosynth library. It is truly a must for all lovers of the 1970s musical gear.

At this point KARO would like to credit the support of our friend Donovan Aston who gave us his machine for the sampling session.

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