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EXs69 KARO Auf geht´s Buam! for KORG KRONOS ©

KARO vs HDS Sound.Power

Now in cooperation with KARO the sounds from HDS Sound.Power are also available for the KORG KRONOS.

The HDS Sound.Power - software package contains well known sounds for the folk music. Additional sound variations and different effect settings / Presets will allow "stylistically" more detailed and typical sound pictures - with Slavko Avsenik, e.g., guitar and baritone sounds differently than with
Alpenoberkrainer, Mooskircher etc.

Besides, KARO has supplied other samples of this section and therefore with this co-production we designed an especially Library for the folk and popular music hits, which is currently unequalled!
All MP3 demos are inlcuded as a KRONOS SNG file, therefore the user can play the sequences directly in the device!

The programmes and the samples are of the best quality and "ABSOLUTELY AUTHENTICALLY"! For the first time there are such persuasive instruments for folk music in the Oberkrainer style for the KORG KRONOS Workstation!

From Oberkrainer to Egerländer!

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