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KARO XinematiX iOS® app for IPad now available in the Apple Store.

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  XinematiX establishes a new high-level standard for sampling libraries for iOS®.

XinematiX delivers over 25 GB of premium sounds that are the result of over  three years of recording and programming work by legendary sample sound producer KARO Sound Development, brought to you by music app guru Harry Gohs.

Unlimited creative possibilities and ease of use - that's what XinematiX is all about.
non-compromise sound quality – Harry Gohs’ top-notch sound engine offers excellent dynamics via extensive velocity switching and clever programming.

Advanced features like Round Robin sample triggering will make your
performances and productions sound richer and more natural than ever before.

990 programs - carefully curated in-app purchases let you set up your
dream sampler à la carte, selecting from 63 preset packs across all
thinkable sound categories.  Only choose what suits you.

Multi power - Up to 3 different programs can be stacked simultaneously in a multi and either be crossfaded or layered for dramatic sound sculpting with the intuitive color-coded on-screen fader.

Flexible and customizable – pro features like envelopes, filters, and reverb effects make it easy to adapt any program/multi to your needs and save it as your own user preset. A special “white mode” allows effective manipulation of all programs loaded in a multi at once.

Live Mode - organize your multis and programs for quick access in a
dedicated Live Mode with 128 scenes and 16 tiles per screen.
Unlimited seamless transitions – No matter if you are performing or just browsing through sounds:
To ensure you stay in the flow, special care is given that your sound never cuts off or glitches.

MIDI Learn - A comprehensive MIDI Learn feature makes it easy to map any MIDI controller to all relevant functions.

Further features include:
Dynamic control fader compresses the response of your keybed on the fly ‘Dice’ button suggests random multi for instant inspiration Hermode Tuning function for purest harmonies Compatible with MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE)

Each Program can have a maximum of 33 multisamples 
with Round Robin and Velocity Switch.


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