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EXs64 KARO Ethno World for KORG KRONOS ©

KARO now supplements its meanwhile very successful libraries with the “EXs64 KARO Ethno World”. It was produced in a collaboration with Erkan Ucar (Ecomusik) and KARO.

KARO's EXs64 rightfully carries the name “Ethno World”. It contains absolutely professional taped Samples and optimizes playable programs, which have never been seen in this amount!
EXs64 is the first World library for the KORG KRONOS and thus the most extensive Ethno package in the world for a workstation!

The most important Ethno instruments where collected around the globe and where arranged to one extremely versatile and varied library.

Now you are able to play new Ethno Drumtracks on the the highest soundlevel,
more alive and more versified which is probably not possible with any other Sampling library.

PDF Info Ethno World

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